Burnout and Crises:
Joy in the Face of Chaos
April 16, 2020

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Surfing the Healthcare Tsunami Hospital Leaders Toolbox

The Surfing the Healthcare Tsunami Hospital Leaders Toolbox has been released online! Go deeper into the subject matter of the documentary by exploring the 5 Rights of Imaging™, the Boardroom, Racing & Aviation, and much more. Click here for more details.

Click here to watch the entire 58-minute documentary online.

Safe Use of Electronic Health Records and Health Information Technology Systems: Trust But Verify

Read about unrecognized hazards in HIT on a national scale, how to make EHR-CPOE systems safer, and the case for all stakeholders to leverage proven methods and teams in HIT performance verification. Download article here.

High Performance 5 Rights Collaboratives

We are undertaking high impact research activities in the fields of Imaging of Adults and Children, Pain Care, Back Care, Testing, and Surgery to convert Waste to Value and Harm to Healing. For more information on each collaborative, click Imaging, Imaging Children, Back, Pain, Testing, Cancer, or Surgery.

Click here to find out about CareMoms®, our latest endeavor. CareMoms® is a new grassroots initiative whose vision is to Save Lives, Save Money, and Build Value in Communities.

Trademarks and Tools

The Information Power Grid™ is a repository and continuously updated decision support system that provides network partners and customers with the information they need to make good decisions.  Information obtained through TMIT National Research Test Bed surveys, expert presentations, interviews, and data pertaining to specific topics allow HCC Global and its affiliates to continuously improve the data and evidence that its network partners and customers use for optimal decision-making. Such affiliates include TMIT Global and CareUniversity®. Such projects include the Med Tac Certificate advanced first aid program and communities of practice including a Threat Safety R&D Community. Information Power Grid™ is a registered trademark of HCC Global.