TMIT Global About Us

TMIT Global is a medical research organization, founded in 1984, dedicated to accelerating performance solutions that save lives, save money, and build value in the communities we serve and ventures we undertake. Our core values drive our behaviors and in turn drive our culture. TMIT Global applies the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) design principles of patient-centeredness, evidence-based medicine, and systems performance improvement.

Our Values are I CARE

Integrity: Honesty has to be our core policy in all we do.

Compassion: We must practice the “Golden Rule.”

Accountability: We are accountable to our patients and partners.

Reliability: We strive to continually improve in our service.

Entrepreneurship: Our performance as servant leaders must save lives, save money, and create value in the communities we serve.

All performance solutions are designed to be:


  • Solutions must enable best or better practices that deliver patient-centered care, rather than procedure-, facility-, or doctor-centered care.


  • Grounded in evidence-based medicine and complemented by the best available expert opinion, solutions must be tied to the best verifiable evidence available.

Systems Performance Driven

  • The major failure of U.S. healthcare is the failure of systems, rather than the failure of people who are the healthcare providers. Optimal solutions improve target systems.

Target Performance Measures

Patient Safety

  • The most critical issue in U.S. healthcare is patient safety. This is the most basic indicator for quality and is the first-order target measure for HCC Global/TMIT Global.

Clinical Effectiveness

  • Clinical outcomes have always been a centerpiece of performance, but they are now being tied to Pay-for-Performance, which provides clear development targets.

Operational Efficiency

  • Enterprise-wide performance pivots around integrated clinical, operational, and financial performance (integrated performance). Clear operational targets are key.


  • Both a design principle and performance target, the performance solutions of the future will be measured from the perspective of the patient as the center of evaluation.


  • A clear attribute of high-reliability organizations, time-based measures have become critical indicators of enterprise, procedure, and patient satisfaction performance.


  • Equity across patient types and minorities is becoming an important quality factor.


  • HCC Global and TMIT Global have a senior Medical Advisory Board that includes 10 of the top quality and safety leaders in the world and more than 500 front-line clinical and healthcare administrative experts that it calls on to serve on solution development and assessment teams.


  • Due to the systems-dependent nature of performance across the healthcare continuum, the engineering competencies required to develop and optimize solutions range from the biomedical and computer to mechanical, electrical, and civil.


  • The earlier business discipline is brought to innovation development, the more successful the projects. HCC Global and TMIT Global optimize multidisciplinary teams with strong support from finance, marketing, strategy, and operations areas.


  • World-class multimedia and communications expertise provides strong risk/benefit profile optimization and team-centered solution development for value proposition development and optimal team performance.

Performance Psychology

  • Culture, teamwork, organizational performance, and human factors best practices are key “make or break” issues to innovation development, team performance, and innovation adoption by users.