Cynthia Shapiro
Former HR Leader
Employee Advocate
Best Selling Author
Los Angeles, CA

Cynthia Shapiro is a world-renowned Author, Professional Speaker, Business & Career Coach, & Subject-Matter Expert for the Media. Her innovative and fresh advice on business and career issues appears regularly on 20/20, ABC World News Tonight, CNN, Fox News, and in the Wall Street Journal. She’s also been featured on Anderson Cooper 360, Good Morning America, The Today Show, PBS, MSNBC, in major newspapers and magazines across the U.S., and over 150 radio stations.

Through her international consulting business, she offers personalized one-on-one coaching for executives, job seekers, management teams, entrepreneurs, and employees to remove barriers to success and facilitate dynamic goal achievement. Her client list includes employees, management teams and executives ranging from small start-ups to the corporations of the Fortune 100 including: Microsoft, Google, Lowes, Washington Mutual, American Express, IBM, FedEX, United Airlines, Warner Brothers, Disney, Jet Blue, Cisco, BellSouth/At&T, Sirius, Quest, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Boeing, Johson & Johnson, Sanofi Adventis, Nasa/JPL, Northrop Grummen, and many more.

Her widely acclaimed books CORPORATE CONFIDENTIAL: 50 Secrets Your Company Doesn’t Want You To know, and WHAT DOES SOMEBODY HAVE TO DO TO GET A JOB AROUND HERE? 44 Insider Secrets That Will Get You Hired (Macmillan Publishers, New York) are International Best-Sellers.