William R. Scharf, MD
Physician Change Agent
Division of Clinical Excellence
OSF HealthCare Systems
Peoria, IL

William R. Scharf, MD, is a Physician Change Agent in the division of Clinical Excellence with OSF HealthCare Systems.  As the Physician
Change Agent, Dr. Scharf sits on a variety of leadership councils that address clinical issues. He ensures patient safety and quality are held to The Joint Commission standards throughout the Ministry. Dr. Scharf also participates in the Risk Management and Illinois Risk Management Claims review.  He graduated from Illinois Wesleyan University, and received his medical degree from the University of Illinois in Chicago. Dr. Scharf received postdoctoral training in general surgery from the University of Illinois Hospital, Cook County Hospital, and the West Side Veterans Administration Hospital in Chicago. He completed residency studies in general surgery at the Ohio State University. Dr. Scharf was a staff surgeon with the OSF Medical Group at the OSF St. James – John W. Albrecht Medical Center in Pontiac, Illinois, from 1993 until November 2007. His interest in safety quality began with his participation with the OSF HealthCare Patient Safety Collaborative.