Sharon Rossmark, MBA
Chairman, Board of Directors, National Children’s Center
Washington, DC
Vice Chairman, Board of Directors, Sinai Health System
Board Chair, Patient Safety
Chicago, IL

Sharon Rossmark, MBA, is chairman of the board of directors for the National Children’s Center in Washington, DC.  She also serves as vice chairman of the board of directors for the Sinai Health System in Chicago, IL.  Additionally, Ms. Rossmark serves on the American Hospital Association’s Midwest Regional Policy Board.

Ms. Rossmark has significant entrepreneurial and corporate executive experience. She is currently president and CEO of Zayos Global Ventures, LLC. Previously she worked as a corporate executive for the Allstate Insurance Company.

Ms. Rossmark has been a frequent panel facilitator and panelist on the topics of board governance, patient safety, and mentoring. She has presented at events for a number of organizations, including the American Hospital Association, Loyola University, Texas Medical Institute of Technology, the Adler School of Psychology, and Grainger, Inc.

Ms. Rossmark earned the Governance Fellow designation from the National Association of Corporate Directors. She completed her undergraduate studies at Illinois State University and earned a master’s degree from the University of Illinois – Chicago.