Ray Gerwitz, MS, MBA
Associate Director
The University of Texas Police Department at Houston
Houston, TX

Associate Director Ray Gerwitz joined UTP-H in February 2007 as a Support Service Analyst. He has more than 20 years of experience in the law enforcement and security industry. This includes public service, prior to his arrival at UTP-H. He served briefly in the U.S. Air Force, where he rose to the rank of Sergeant (E4); and with the Dallas Police Department, where, after seven years of service, he left to start his own business. His business centered on law enforcement and electronic security systems and processes. Since his arrival at UTP-H he has been promoted on three occasions, including to Project Manager, to Security Risk Operations Manager, and most recently to his current position. He has been instrumental in the UTP-H pursuit of enhancing its service delivery and support through the areas of corporate security and law enforcement technology to develop a combined protection model. He specifically oversees the Police Communications Center (the foundation for a Global Security Operations Center), Technical Services, and the Security Risk Mitigation and Operations teams, which are focused on risk assessment determinations to provide needed electronic security on all UT properties associated with the Houston member institutions.

Mr. Gerwitz is responsible for the Technology Steering Committee (in partnership with Institutional Technology). Through this collaboration, all departmental technology governance and strategic planning is reviewed and prioritized. Under his leadership, this important process allows UTP-H to ensure that all technology programs are properly aligned with departmental and institutional goals. Additionally, as an extension of this effort, he serves as the departmental liaison with institutional and external technology partners.

Mr. Gerwitz is a graduate of Oklahoma State University and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, a Master’s of Science in Telecommunications Management, and a Master’s of Business Administration.