Kayoko (‘Ky’) Corbet, RN, BCPA, MS
Registered Nurse
Board-Certified Independent Patient Advocate
Care Manager

Ms. Corbet has over 15 years of related professional experience including clinical nursing at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Holy Cross Hospital, age-in-place consulting, and home health case management. ‘Ky’ Corbet is a well-rounded RN with experience in hospital nursing (oncology, med-surg, critical care, hospice) and home health case management. She, due to her background, excels in research, integration of a wide range of information, promoting collegial clinical communication, and shared decision making. She constantly seeks the latest evidence and practice improvement to meet clients’ needs. She is a Board-Certified Independent Patient Advocate, Care Manager, and has dedicated her work to Solutions for the tough problems with the US Healthcare System who’s found a calling in alleviating various kinds of pain and fear the patients feel, make the clinicians’ jobs a little easier, and contributing toward a safer and less wasteful and expensive healthcare system.