ValueStar – Measuring Healthcare Value

ValueStar is a website offered to all healcare stakeholders featuring technology and a software platform that measures the value of targeted care processes.  ValueStar platform is built on methodology that measures the value of specific care processes across the healthcare continuum including Point of Care, Episode of Care, and Payer Contract Horizon. Using the broad framework of Value which is Quality over Cost, ValueStar expands on those dimensions to include Consumer Satisfaction, and account indirect and self-care costs and lost productivity, by applying proprietary algorithms derived from health systems engineering. This provides a normalize impact score that can be used to optimize and improve the care proceses and also compare care processes between organizations using the Value ValueStarIndex ranking methodology.

ValueStar  can be applied to most processes and can be sued as a benchmarking tool for all healthcare value-chain stakeholders through its software as a service platform (SaaS):

  • For Providers:  Provider organizations can use its SaaS platform and toolsets to self-assess and obtain a detailed gap analysis that identifies opportunities for improvement to increase their ValueStar across dimensions of healthcare, benefits programs, employee productivity, and risk management.
  • For Suppliers:  Supplier organizations can use ValueStar to identify potential customers that need solutions to improve their performance.
  • For Payers and Consumers:  Payers and consumers can generate reports comparing performance of organizations across high-performance between care processes and help them make decisions in choosing a provider for certain services.

ValueStar allows all healthcare stakeholders to make the best informed choices about a specific healthcare process, and to provide patients, families, and caregivers with the right information, at the right time, to receive and deliver the best care for any geographic location.

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ValueStar is a trademark of HCC Corp., licensed to TMIT