The Services

QualityLeaders Hospitals™ Centers of Excellence

Centers of Excellence are being created to allow direct employer contracting to care for serious and costly diseases such as cancer, heart disease and those requiring organ transplantation.  Leveraging world class clinical, operational, and safety expertise, these centers provide comprehensive care ranging from e-consultations to complex surgery, to virtual tumor board advisory services whether a patient physically goes to the Center of Excellence or not.  This program optimizes accuracy in diagnosis, formulation of treatment plans, and access to diagnostic, surgical, and therapeutic options that may not be available in frontline communities.  HCC provides advisory and business development services to help potential hospitals and healthcare centers attain certain world class verifiable care standards that will allow them to attain a QualityLeaders Hospitals™ Center of Excellence designation for specific diseases and conditions.

QualityLeaders Hospitals™ is a trademark of HCC Corp., licensed to TMIT