5 Rights of Healthcare Testing® Program

This webpage is dedicated to our 5 Rights of Healthcare Testing® Program. Our services include the following:

  • Concepts, tools, and resources that allow both consumers and caregivers to ensure that high performance healthcare testing occurs with every patient encounter. Such tools include checklists, smartphone applications, and guides for both clinical personnel and consumers – offered through our website.
  • Educational programs that generate education credits for caregivers and consumers that will entitle learners to earn certificates, college credits, and continuing education credits.
  • Webinars and national meetings will be undertaken for synchronous learning and to provide advisory support; and a learning management system will be provided to enable learners to gain new knowledge and skills asynchronously.
  • Business advisory services, including business analytics, to help caregivers and their patients ensure that they are making the Right test choice; that the Right Order of the tests is performed; that the test is undertaken in a manner following recommended guidelines – the Right Way; and that the Right Report is generated that can drive the Right Action by caregivers and patients – with the goal being the best outcome possible with the least risk.
  • Additionally, through our collaboratives we are performing numerous research activities in the field of medical testing, and the impact of overuse, underuse, and misuse of testing.

5 Rights of Healthcare Testing® is a trademark of HCC Corporation, licensed to TMIT.