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August 16, 2012, 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm ET
News in Continuing Education and Professional Development: From Knowledge to Competency
 Session Overview

As our healthcare system continues to grow in complexity, the old "one size fits all" education programs – which focused solely on professional knowledge – are not enough to address systems issues and organizational variability that affect quality and safety. It is imperative that we adapt training and education for caregivers, and move from knowledge to systems thinking and competency.

Hear from Jann Ballmer, a preeminent expert in continuing education, who will cover the latest developments in the field and address key attributes of high-performance continuing education that your organization must consider. Ms. Ballmer will build on Charles Denham's review of the recent Rory Staunton story, and will describe how weaving high-impact stories into training can improve understanding of systems issues and dependencies among caregivers, which are needed to achieve high-quality safe outcomes for patients.

Following a reactor panel, Regina Holliday, a tireless patient advocate, will introduce an upcoming Summit that all healthcare stakeholders should consider attending.

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 When:  August 16, 2012 Time: 1:00 p.m.-2:30 p.m. ET
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Learning Objectives
  • Understand that continuing education and professional development must be tailored and adapted to the resources and abilities of an organization to achieve the best achievable performance.
  • Expand current learning and teaching programs to include the key systems issues that affect quality and patient safety.

CE Participation Documentation

Texas Medical Institute of Technology, approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number 15996, will be issuing 1.5 contact hours for this webinar.

Nurse Faculty: Justine Medina

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Charles R. Denham, MD

Charles R. Denham, MD, is the founder and the chairman of Texas Medical Institute of Technology (TMIT), a non-profit medical research organization dedicated to driving adoption of clinical solutions in patient safety and healthcare performance improvement.

 Patient Safety Advocate
Jennifer Dingman
The Voice of Patient and Family

Jennifer Dingman realized, after her mother's death in 1995 due to errors in medical diagnoses and treatment, that there is little to no help available for patients and their families in similar situations. This life-changing experience left her feeling vulnerable, and she decided to dedicate her life to help prevent medical tragedies from happening to others.

 Session Panelists
Charles R. Denham, MD
Critical Test Results: Do You Have a Rory Staunton Story?

Charles R. Denham, MD, is the founder and the chairman of Texas Medical Institute of Technology (TMIT), a non-profit medical research organization dedicated to driving adoption of clinical solutions in patient safety and healthcare performance improvement.

Jann Torrance Balmer, RN, PhD
High Performance Continuing Education and Professional Development

Jann Torrance Balmer, RN, PhD, was appointed as the first full-time Director for Continuing Medical Education of the University of Virginia School of Medicine in December 1990. In her role as Director for CME, the Office of Continuing Medical Education has demonstrated significant growth in meeting the educational needs of physicians and other healthcare professionals.

Regina Holliday
Partnership with Patients Summit Overview and Reaction to Panelists' Presentations

Regina Holliday is a Washington, DC-based patient rights arts advocate. She is currently at work on a series of paintings depicting the need for clarity and transparency in medical records.

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