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April 17, 2014, 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm ET
Structure, Communication, and Behavior – Yes, you absolutely can be an HRO, any size,
any place.
 Session Overview
Safety leaders at all levels and in all roles – the enterprise, the division, the department, and the working interface – are challenged with hyper-complexity, high technology, pick-up teams of caregivers, and high-consequence environments. Is it any wonder that there are challenges in providing very high levels of safety, reliability, and value to every patient? Some point to high reliability organizations, HROs such as commercial aviation, space flight, the military, and the maritime industry for the models and solutions to this challenge. Unfortunately, many safety leaders just don't know where to start this mysterious journey toward reliability. This month's guest brings a practical perspective and a lifetime of experience to this vexing set of circumstances and the crystal-clear message "You can do this!" Dr. Perry Bechtle, neurosurgical and transplant anesthesiologist at Mayo Clinic in Florida, former U.S. Navy Blue Angel, aerobatic pilot, offshore sailor, and telemedicine and technology expert, will put these unique challenges into perspective and provide practical guidance so your own teams can be their absolute best, do their best work, be safe in high-consequence environments, and, in the end, provide the absolute best care for your patients' complex situations.
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 When:  March 20, 2014 Time: 1:00 p.m.-2:30 p.m. ET
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Learning Objectives

By the end of the session:

  • Participants will learn and be able to apply principles of High Reliability Organizations (HROs) to typical healthcare environments.
  • Participants will be able to use real-life examples of HRO principles in their work.
  • Participants will learn specific principles of structure, communication, and behavior relationships that can make care safer.

CE Participation Documentation

Texas Medical Institute of Technology, approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number 15996, will be issuing 1.5 contact hours for this webinar.

To request CE credit, please click here.

 Session Speakers and Reactors
Perry S. Bechtle, DO
Structure, Communication, and Behavior

Perry S. Bechtle, DO, is a neuroanesthesiologist at Mayo Clinic in Florida and served as the Division Chairman of Neuroanesthesiology from 1997 to 2010. He also serves as the Patient Safety Officer...

Hilary J. Schmidt, PhD
Discussion and Reaction to Presentations

Hilary J. Schmidt, PhD, is an advanced education expert with extensive experience in strategic planning and change management within both the pharmaceutical industry and Academic Medical Centers.

Franck Guilloteau
Discussion and Reaction to Presentations

During the past 20 years with HCC Corporation, Franck Guilloteau has led multiple projects, spanning industry segments from aerospace and consumer products to software and fitness. He has assisted in development of the Spectrum Systems™, which is used by global suppliers as part of their production solution development. As Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Guilloteau takes the lead role in developing the knowledge management systems used by HCC's global partners, while keeping HCC equipped with technological advancements in multimedia, IT, e-commerce, and product development.

Matt Listiak
Discussion and Reaction to Presentations

Matthew Listiak is the Senior Producer for TMIT and Health Care Concepts. He has worked with TMIT and HCC for ten years, developing video and multimedia content for television broadcast, DVD distribution, and the internet. He creates video, audio, and print material, utilizing his strong background in documentary production and graphic design.

Collin Gabriel
Discussion and Reaction to Presentations

Collin Gabriel is the multimedia producer for TMIT. He brings more than eight years of experience in production and editing for narrative, documentary, and commercial projects. With an educational background in Graphic Design and Digital Media from the University of California, San Diego, his unique blend of knowledge allows him to work seamlessly with TMIT/HCC on web-based projects, documentary films, and partner collaborations.

 Patient Safety Advocate
Jennifer Dingman
The Voice of Patient and Family AND Discussion and Reaction to Presentations

Jennifer Dingman realized, after her mother's death in 1995 due to errors in medical diagnoses and treatment, that there is little to no help available for patients and their families in similar situations. This life-changing experience left her feeling vulnerable, and she decided to dedicate her life to help prevent medical tragedies from happening to others.

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