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Pay-It-Forward Program: Overview

This program provides a way for you to obtain great resources while giving to other hospitals. It provides a way for TMIT to multiply its gifts to the community through you.

We fund multimedia content in our Media Center and a Scholars Program, that allow hospitals to receive a gift and Pay-It-Forward by helping others.

  • Media Packs
    You may download video clips, articles, and slide sets that we have prepared to assist you. The content is updated on an ongoing basis.
  • Scholars Program
    TMIT funds scholarships through the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) to in order to build a cadre of national leaders from frontline hospitals.

Josie King Video

If you are interested in the Josie King Video, tapes or DVDs may be ordered at: http://www.josieking.org/index.html.

TMIT has never received and will never receive any funds from this program but 100% goes to the patient care program.

Multimedia for Patient Safety Officers

Scholars Program
We are very proud to support the scholars program as one of the Pay-It-Forward initiatives that we are funding. In fact, we owe the more...

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