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This website has been designed to support a grassroots effort to engage our community CFOs – Chief Family Officers who can rally and support their local hospitals to win the war on healthcare harm and prevent healthcare accidents.

More than 70% of healthcare decisions are made by women in our communities. One in four Americans is a caregiver of someone else and 80% of the caregivers are women. Mothers and Grandmothers play a vital role to ensure family safety.

As a smaller community force, there are many Dads who we call CareDads. They are also taking the lead for their family's health and wellbeing. We will serve them through our programs as well.

Our calling is to serve families by saving lives, saving money, and creating value in our communities at this critical time in history. We KNOW we can help equip this major force for good…our CFOs and CareMoms.

In the words of Sue Sheridan, "We need to celebrate and acknowledge the power and profound commitment of Moms because I have witnessed it and lived it. I am proud to be a 'care momma.' And although we are fierce, courageous, and unstoppable, we are also graceful, poised, wise, and savvy. Watch out!"


Josie King Foundation
Through the creation of a patient safety program, the King's hope is to help prevent this from ever happening to another child. The Josie King Pediatric Patient Safety Program at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center will identify safety concerns, revise medical education to sharpen focus on proactive safety measures, and empower families to assume equal partnership in their child's care.

If you are interested in the Josie King Video, tapes or DVDs may be ordered at: http://www.josieking.org/index.html or by contacting Sorrel King directly at sking6137@comcast.net.

The Parents of Infants and Children with Kernicterus (PICK)
The Parents of Infants and Children with Kernicterus is organized exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes, more specifically to:
  • prevent kernicterus through a universal system wide program of education, objective screening, follow up, diagnosis and treatment
  • provide information and support to families
  • identify effective therapies and treatment that could improve the quality of life for children and adults with kernicterus
  • implement a structure of accountability for reported cases of hyperbilirubinemia
The Community Emergency Healthcare Initiative (CEHI)
The Community Emergency Healthcare Initiative is a non-profit effort which was created to serve caregivers in small community hospitals delivering frontline emergency services. CEHI has been established in loving memory of former astronaut Charles "Pete" Conrad.
Persons United Limiting Substandards and Errors in Health Care (PULSE)
PULSE is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization working to improve patient safety and reduce the rate of medical errors using real life stories and experiences. Survivors of medical errors are encouraged to use their experience to educate the community and advocate for a safer healthcare system. PULSE is dedicated to raising awareness about patient safety and reducing medical errors through advocacy, education and support.
The Empowered Patient Coalition
The Empowered Patient Coalition is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization created by patient advocates devoted to helping the public improve the quality and the safety of their healthcare. The coalition feels strongly that the first crucial steps in both patient empowerment and patient safety efforts are information and education. The public is increasingly aware that they must assume a greater role in health care issues but they need tools, strategies and support to assist them in becoming informed and engaged medical consumers who are able to make a positive impact on health care safety.
Citizens for Patient Safety
Citizens for Patient Safety is a global grassroots organization. The agency builds alliances between and within diverse communities united in a common purpose, by building bridges among consumers, the medical community, insurance, and the legal community to improve the healthcare system and quality that patients receive.
Trisha Torrey Is Every Patient's Advocate
A blog about patient empowerment, advocacy, safety, consumerism and tools to navigate the dysfunction of American healthcare.
Take healthcare into your own hands. Get information on finding insurance options; get prevention tips; compare care quality; understanding the law; and more.

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